Welcome to issue #2 - Updates from Pankaj.

Hi lovely people, Good morning, It's Monday, Oct. 11.

Hope you had a beautiful weekend. It's pretty warm out here, in Gurgaon (India). Well, I received positive feedback on the experiment with my newsletter so I am planning to continue it.

Before you read today's issue, I want to know how you are doing at the moment. What keeps you going? Add a comment or let me know over here.


  • I made it to Day #23 of my coding diary. It's a pretty good daily code workout & I am loving it. I would recommend everyone to add something to their daily routine. (don't forget to share it with me)

  • Last week, I achieved the milestone of completing 40 freelancing projects. It has been a phenomenal journey so far. Long way to go!

  • My LinkedIn post explaining TCP-UDP to a 10-year-old-kid went viral. It received around 187K views & 2K reactions.

Quick Bytes.

  • Did you guys know, Cloudflare serves 25M+ HTTP requests per second on average. Insane! A few days back, 17.2 million request-per-second DDoS attack was thwarted by Cloudflare. It was 3x larger than the previous largest attack.

Articles I've enjoyed. 📝

Quote of the day

Do one thing every day that scares you.

As always, feel free to reach out if you're curious to hear more about anything shared above. Thanks, y'all – I appreciate this community we have.

See you next Monday!